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Stagnant jobs numbers persist under Bush

New jobs numbers released Oct. 8 show President George W. Bush is nearly 7 million jobs short of the job predictions his economic advisers made in February 2002 when Bush pushed through his tax cuts. ..

Bush's hometown newspaper rates Bush: 'We trusted him. He let us down.'


Aggregate of trades nearly finished with huge cement silo

It was a high-top topping-out at the giant Lafarge Distribution Facility on Detroit’s riverfront. ..

Recent Supreme Court decisions have 'brutal' affect on trades' ability to win injury lawsuits

In 1972, an ironworker named Michael McDonough was killed in a workplace catastrophe in Flint, resulting in a lawsuit. In the McDonough case, the Michigan Supreme Court recognized that construction workers, and those employed in other high hazard occupations, have the right to sue for damages, if the project owner, general contractor, or any other corporation hires a subcontractor to perform “inherently dangerous work,” and the subcontractor’s negligence seriously, or fatally, injures one of its employees. ..

Manufacturing industry to lose the burger-builders?

(PAI) – Many of our nation’s lawmakers are acknowledging that hamburger assembly is not the same as auto assembly. ..

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