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Before we make it in America, we have to rebuild America

Almost two years ago, conservative members of Congress, and their sycophants in the media (or, should I say the conservative media and their sycophants in Congress) set about on a tirade over President Obama’s proposal to provide federal monetary assistance to rescue General Motors and Chrysler. In truth, the assistance provided by the federal government actually began with the Bush Administration – but conservatives are never ones to ever let facts get in the way of their seemingly endless quest to demonize President Obama. ..

Power from the people Trades build system that turns landfill methane into electricity

MIDLAND – The city is sponsoring construction that will turn brown energy into greenbacks, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars in energy costs. ..

Low-level stability is as good as it gets for construction employment

Nationwide, new construction starts advanced 6 percent from July to August, a trend that shows continued stability – although stability in a lousy market is hardly what the industry needs. ..

Skills, safety, value on display at UA Local 85 open house

SAGINAW – Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 85 brought in a parking lot-full of plumbing, heating and green industry demonstration equipment to give visitors an idea of what goes on in an industry whose work is vital to public safety and health – but is usually out of sight, and out of mind. ..

Electricians throw switch on new vehicle charging stations

LANSING – Charge! ..

Union trades sign PLA on massive pipeline project

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Four U.S. construction unions – the Operating Engineers, Teamsters, Laborers and the Plumbers and Pipefitters – signed a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on Sept. 14 with a large Canadian energy company, to build a big trans-national oil pipeline from the oil sands of Alberta to the refineries of Texas’ Gulf Coast. ..