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Obama’s jobs plan defeated, he vows to press on

President Obama’s American Jobs Act, as expected, died a quick death in the U.S. Senate and likely won’t be resurrected any time before Election Day 2012. ..

A few ideas to escape from the Great (Jobs) Depression

I’m afraid we’ll need more than marches to get jobs back. ..

Trades enjoy jobs boom from remote Kennecott nickel mine

MARQUETTE – A new chapter in the Upper Peninsula’s rich mining history is being written on a site 26 miles northwest of here on an area called the Yellow Dog Plains. ..

Construction’s jobless rate eases to 13.3%

Construction employers added 26,000 jobs between August and September as the industry’s unemployment rate dropped to 13.3 percent, from 13.5 percent, according to an analysis of new federal employment data released Oct. 7 by the Associated General Contractors of America. ..

Attractions offered by right-to-work states may be as simple as nice weather

LANSING – There are several Republican-backed right-to-work bills and proposals that are floating around the state Capitol. One would allow local governments to institute right-to-work “zones” in their corner of the state. Another would make RTW a statewide law. Last month, a state Republican leader advocated “right-to-teach” legislation in an effort to specifically break the Michigan Education Association. ..

Look for the union label on this right-to-work resolution

MUSKEGON – Now this is a right-to-work resolution organized labor can live with. ..