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Will Michigan take the high-wage road – or the low road?

Forget all the other times you’ve heard that this is the most important election of your life. ..

Trade unionists get it: trickle down theory is no way to run an economy

America’s building trades unions entered into the current election cycle knowing full well that the 2012 elections would pose a daunting challenge.  That challenge manifested itself four years ago when the bottom fell out of the U.S. construction industry due to an unprecedented economic crash that wiped out somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 trillion of the world’s wealth. ..

Right-to-work, lies and lower wages likely in Michigan if Proposal 2 is defeated

LANSING – The concept of Michigan workers having a right-to-work law imposed on them is not really an abstraction any more. ..

Flipping the state House another key to labor’s future

LANSING – Can Democrats flip the state House? ..

CEOs using job threats to sway employees’ votes

In a recent conference call with Mitt Romney and the anti-union National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Romney urged the employers to tell their employees who to vote for. In These Times featured a video of Romney’s call in the article, “In Conference Call, Romney Urged Businesses to Tell Their Employees How to Vote.” ..

Why can’t labor get behind Romney? Well, there’s the broken back thing…

Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? ..