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Now more than ever, your vote is vital


Now's not the time to get side-tracked by side issues

For the Nov. 7 general election, building trades unions and the rest of organized labor are endorsing Al Gore for U.S. President, Debbie Stabenow for U.S. Senator, and a whole host of other candidates who have a record or have pledged to stand up for working men and women. ..

Who will lead the fight for working families?

Over the last eight years, most of which has been spent with a Republican-dominated Congress, President Bill Clinton, through his power to introduce and veto legislation, has often been the only person in Washington able to stand up for working people. ..

Rare high-rise goes up in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR - This is a small city where developable downtown land is at a premium, so it is rare these days that a high-rise the such as the one being erected at Main and William streets would ever get off the ground. ..

Unions set pace for productivity

The chief of the big-business backed Construction Users Roundtable said owners who pay for construction work want "quantifiable productivity" out of their workforce. ..

Luther West Science Building at Northern Michigan

PIPE IS LIFTED to the second floor of the Luther West Science Building at Northern Michigan University by operating engineer John Shawn of Local 324. The sprinkler fitter is Matt Scovronski of Local 669. Renovation of the West Science building is part of the largest construction expenditure - $46.9 million - in the Marquette school's history. This portion of the project is expected to be completed next August. Classes started this fall in the newly constructed Glenn Seaborg Center, which is part of the entire renovated science complex. ..

Election 2000: 'We have the power in our votes'