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It's (union-backed) Granholm vs. (business-backed) DeVos on Nov. 7

LANSING - Michigan Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and her challenger, Republican Richard DeVos live in the same state, but are a world away from each other when it comes to issues of importance to Michigan's working people. ..

More Mackinac memories…'They showed what union people can do'


News Briefs

Michigan hit by high cost of free trade
"Corporations, politicians and economists frequently claim that trade and U.S. investment in China create jobs and many other benefits for our economy. They are wrong. In fact, imports from China eliminated 54,000 jobs in Michigan alone between 1989 and 2003 and surging imports of Chinese auto parts now threaten the manufacturing backbone of Michigan's economy." ..

Get out the vote effort is job one for unions on Election Day, Nov. 7

WASHINGTON (PAI) - Almost four million phone calls, and counting. Between two-to-three million informational mailings. And unionists by the tens of thousands, from international presidents to unaffiliated members, walking neighborhoods in 21 states, driving rural roads and contacting friends and allies. ..

Help wanted: We share responsibility for our political future


High scrap iron prices create new value for old cement kiln

It's a sign of the times when the high price of scrap metal contributes to employment in the building trades. ..

Jury still out on effect of NLRB's anti-union supervisor decision

WASHINGTON - The Oct. 3 NLRB ruling that could deny union rights to eight million U.S. workers "may have far-reaching and adverse effects" on unionized construction workers, according to a letter sent to affiliates by AFL-CIO Building Trades Department Edward Sullivan. ..

8.2% rise in drug costs is (don't gag) a good thing

In an era of seemingly never-ending health care cost increases, there's some good news from an annual survey of prescription drug prices. ..