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The low-wage global infusion: workers get it; why don't policymakers?

By Thomas Palley
Special to PAI

Globalization without rules leads race to the bottom

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

Expanding campus brings more power to Spartanville

LANSING - Tens of thousands of Michiganians, including residents, businesses and lawmakers in next-door Lansing, lost power during the great blackout of August 2003. ..

Years of planning pay off with new Local 98 Training Center

Plumbers Local 98 has only had four training centers in the local union's 112-year history. ..

Union benefits not apparent to John Q. Public

With the decline in union membership slipping generally unabated over the last 25 years, what are the prospects for a turnaround? ..

Governor Pays Visit

MICHIGAN Gov. Jennifer Granholm visited the Michigan State Building Trades Council offices in Detroit earlier this month. She met with Council Secretary-Treas. Pat Devlin, right, and Operating Engineers Local 324 Business Manager and I.U. Vice Pres. John Hamilton, left. Following this month's news of the bankruptcy of Delphi and the huge health care concessions won by General Motors of its retirees, Granholm commented on the state of the state's union workforce. "Unions have given the middle class dream to millions of Americans. I think we need more workers with middle class income, not less. We need workers with more skills, not less. We need more unions, not less. Unions provide us all with a better quality of life."

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