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Hurry up and wait - 1st part of Michigan wage survey complete

Now we wait. ..

The presidential election: Labor's greatest challenge?

American unions are facing nothing less than what their top leaders describe as virtually a threat to their very existence. The leaders may be exaggerating – but not much. For there’s no disputing that the labor movement is facing a very serious threat and that the challenge of meeting it is as great – or greater — than any labor has had to meet during its long, challenge-filled history. ..

Trades operate at expanded medical center

MARQUETTE – The business of doctoring is alive and well in the Upper Peninsula’s largest city. ..

More than a century later, labor's political mission hasn't changed much

Whether George W. Bush or John F. Kerry wins the Nov. 2 election for president, one thing is clear: we live in a divided nation. ..

Who pays for personal protective equipment? Maybe workers should, OSHA suggests

OSHA is considering a new rule which would require construction workers to pay for many types of personal protective equipment (PPE). The new rule under consideration would shift the burden of cost from employers – who currently pay for most types of PPE – to employees. ..

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