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Secret money flooding election campaigns drowns voice of we the people

(By Robert Reich, Fmr. U.S. Secretary of Labor) ..

Construction still struggles for momentum

New construction starts in September retreated 7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $405.2 billion, according to an Oct. 18 report by McGraw-Hill Construction. ..

Bernero vs. Snyder, Little in common from 2 candidates for state governor

(By Melissa Preddy, The Center for Michigan) ..

Davis, Langford Morris are labor’s picks for state Supreme Court

(By Mark Gaffney, Michigan AFL-CIO) ..

The campaign’s homestretch: Labor’s legions vs. corporate cash

(By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer) ..

Buffed and beautiful: iconic powerhouse shines in re-use

LANSING – In an era dominated by cost-friendly, steel-framed and glass-walled tower construction, the Accident Fund’s headquarters building, currently under renovation, will continue to stand out as a beautiful architectural throwback gracing the city’s skyline – and will surely be among the most substantial office buildings in the nation. ..