The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Congress goes to work on more unemployment money

Here comes yet another round in what has become an unending fight to secure additional jobless benefits for laid-off workers. ..

Poor jobless numbers are tip of the iceberg for President Bush

As of the end of October, the U.S. stock market had risen 30 percent since March, consumers were spending more, industrial activity was on the rise, and 57,000 jobs had been added to the U.S. economy in September. ..

First chapter opens in Book-Cadillac renovation

The building trades are finally checking into the Book-Cadillac hotel. ..

Too much overtime can be too much of a good thing

Nearly all construction projects these days have one thing in common: the owners want the work done yesterday. Unless their project has a spring running through where they're trying to build a basement, virtually every construction manager that we've ever talked to claims that the number one challenge on their project is the aggressive schedule. ..

Heat's On/Water's Off: Another helpful effort by pipe trades volunteers

About 120 volunteers gave their time and talents on Saturday, Oct. 18 for the Southeast Michigan Heat's On/Water's Off Program, performing plumbing and heating service work for disadvantaged people. ..


Small rise seen for U.S. construction 
Total U.S. construction is likely to rise 1 percent in 2003 vs. 2002, according to Mcgraw-Hill Construction. ..