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Granholm puts 'Labor' back in re-organized Michigan government

LANSING - Once again, Michigan has a Department of Labor. ..

Campus Martius' historic monuments mark city's place in the past

Two acres in the heart of Detroit make up the plot of land called Campus Martius, named for an area in ancient Rome that served as a gathering point for soldiers. Detroit's Campus Martius has also been used as a gathering and drilling place for soldiers - especially those from the Civil War - and as a focal point for political and civic gatherings. ..

Detroit's Point of Origin marker? It was right here.

For nearly two centuries, the original survey monument for the layout of the City of Detroit and the Michigan Territory lay buried beneath seven feet of earth and rubble at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and the south line of Michigan Avenue. ..

Construction pay, benefit rates up, but they've been higher

U.S. construction union wage and benefit settlements through September 2003 have resulted in an average first-year increase of $1.36 or 4.1 percent, and a second-year increase of $1.35 or 3.8 percent. ..

UP employers expect better times

MARQUETTE - Construction employers in the Upper Peninsula expect increased revenue and to hire more workers this year than in the past, according to a new Northern Michigan University survey. ..

Trades conduct new masterpiece: the renovated Orchestra Hall

Orchestra Hall's sterling record for near-perfect acoustics hasn't changed a note since the hall opened on Oct. 23, 1919. While the hall itself has remained the same over the years, virtually everything around it - and even under it - has been made new and improved. ..


Falls remain No. 1 killer 
An analysis of 2001 U.S. construction fatalities released in July revealed what most studies about construction fatalities discover: falls from heights was the No. 1 killer. ..