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Labor's perspective on Wall Street meltdown

By Harry Kelber ..

Trades safely land construction at Metro's North Terminal

ROMULUS - The North Terminal has flung open its gates - all 27 of them - completing a three-year-long construction project that will burnish the reputation of Metro Airport as one of the finest in the country. ..

Energy law to spark billions in power plant construction

LANSING - Billions of dollars in construction activity is expected to be unleashed in Michigan as the result of the Sept. 18 bipartisan passage of three bills that re-regulate the state's electrical utilities. ..

Right-to-work Wrong for Michigan? Not for these union busters

GRAND RAPIDS - The call to make Michigan a right-to-work state pops its ugly head up now and then, and its latest sighting was at the 2008 West Michigan Regional Policy Conference held Sept. 18-19 in Grand Rapids. ..

Green machine rolls through Michigan

COOPERSVILLE - A mobile classroom mounted on a truck trailer rolled through Michigan recently, showing off environmentally friendly - or green - construction applications for construction workers and the general public. ..

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