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Construction licensing for all trades under siege with proposed reforms

LANSING – The sweeping reforms to state government that have taken place over the past two years have mainly been economic. For the state’s licensed trades workers, now things are getting personal. ..

GOP finds time to draw a new line for what makes an ‘illegal’ picket in Michigan

LANSING – Michigan’s Republican legislators – with expansion of the federal health care law, chronic unemployment and broken infrastructure already on their plate – have found time to hold a hearing and ponder what to them is an important issue: illegal picketing. ..

Even more upgrades bring trades to Karn-Weadock plant

ESSEXVILLE – Over the last two decades, emissions control upgrades installed at Consumers Energy’s Karn-Weadock Generating Complex have made the plant vastly more complex than it was when it first started making power in 1955. ..

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Nahh. Not even close. ..

Oh, the humanity… What will GOP do if union succeeds in RTW Tennessee?

By Dante Atkins

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Marquette General to move, build big ..