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Trades protest coal plant obstacles

By Patrick Devlin
Secretary Treasurer
& Patrick “Shorty” Gleason
Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council


Rally time: Trades demand permits for clean coal plants

LANSING – “What part of J-O-B-S don’t you understand?” ..

Church’s old joints will be made new again

DETROIT – St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral got 42 years of life out of the original, all-important butyl caulk that seals joints between the exterior limestone fascia panels. ..

U.S. construction’s 17.1% jobless rate packs wallop for nonresidential sector

The national unemployment rate for the construction industry rose to 17.1 percent as another 64,000 construction workers lost their jobs in September, according to an analysis of new employment data released Oct. 2. With 80 percent of layoffs occurring in nonresidential construction, Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, said the decline in nonresidential construction has eclipsed housing’s problems. ..

Tradesman wins top award among labor publications


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