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Piling on: Yet another study questions 'benefits' of prevailing wage repeal

A petition is currently being circulated statewide seeking to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act, and if it's successful, would eliminate more than 11,000 jobs, reduce economic output in the state by $1.7 billion, carve out $28 million from local and state tax revenue, and export nearly $700 million in construction investments out of state every year.  ..

Signature takers are likely to say anything to get names

Petition signature gatherers who are stationed across Michigan this summer - asking registered voters to sign a petition intended to repeal the Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 - are likely just as ignorant about the law as the general public. ..

Time to speak up, support prevailing wage, The law helps create 'a better construction industry'

LANSING - So what happens if prevailing wage goes away in Michigan? ..

Help sidetrack prevailing wage repeal effort

LANSING – The proposed repeal of Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Act is not a done deal. And Michigan’s building trades workers are asked to do their part to make sure it stays that way. ..

Repeal of state's prevailing wage law: Top of the priority list for state Republicans

LANSING - Pundits predicted after last November's elections that the makeup of the state Legislature would get more conservative, more pro-Tea Party, and even more anti-union than the group that adopted right-to-work in Michigan. ..

Far right may seek to trade road funding for prevailing wage repeal

The Michigan GOP enters the upcoming lame duck session knowing they will have a super-majority next year after the pickup of four house seats and one senate seat in the general election. Thirty legislators will have one more chance to make a mark on the state before they return to civilian life due to term limits. ..

GOP leaders disavow prevailing wage repeal

LANSING – Can the state’s construction industry expect a repeal of the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act this year? ..

Privatization plan is latest threat to prevailing wage


Prevailing wage language not open to interpretation appeals court says

There may not be any money or state personnel assigned to enforce Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act, but for now at least, no one can mess with the letter of the law. ..

What you can expect if wage law is repealed

What can the average unionized construction worker expect if the State of Michigan repeals its prevailing wage law? ..