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Indoors or out, welders should try to clear the air

Welding fumes are hardly a breath of fresh air. ..

Pipe trades instructors back for more instruction

YPSILANTI - More than 1,500 United Association pipe trades instructors descended on Washtenaw Community College again this year, during the annual week-long Instructor Training Program Aug. 14-18. ..

School inspection bill finally makes the grade among state lawmakers

LANSING - A bill mandating inspections during construction or renovation of school buildings seems poised for passage. ..

Road workers still need a brake

How can the rate of death and injury in highway traffic zones be reduced? ..

Working safely…Don't take your work home with you

At a time when the health hazards of all kinds of construction industry substances are being called into question - substances like drywall dust, lead, silica, and most recently, sawdust - health experts are reminding Hardhats to take extra caution before they give the spouse and kids a hug upon returning home. ..

Ready to sign your life away?


Trench safety is expensive; the cost of life is incalculable

By Richard J. Mee
Chief, Construction Safety Division

Young people can use help to work safe this summer

In today's tight job market, more and more employers, for the first time, will turn to younger people to meet these needs this summer. For many young people, this will be their first job. ..

Stiffer employer fines, more money proposed to improve worker safety

LANSING - More MIOSHA inspectors and stiffer penalties against companies that violate worker safety standards - those are two ever-present objectives of the building trades, and they're actually getting some attention in our state capitol. ..

MIOSHA inspectors hustle, but employer penalties are lacking

When it comes to the frequency of workplace safety inspections in the U.S., Michigan stacks up pretty well. But it's another story when it comes to imposing fines on contractors who break the law. ..