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Labor Day, 2014: Workers urged not to 'stand still' on Election Day

DETROIT – The city’s Labor Day Parade, one of the largest in the country, once again assumed its traditional role as a stop for local and national politicos as the traditional kickoff point for fall campaigning. ..

Schauer for governor: When labor votes, 'we take back our state'

DETROIT – Mark Schauer told the Labor Day audience that he’s running for governor to “make a difference,” while pointing out the differences between himself and his opponent, Gov. Rick Snyder. ..

Peters for Senate: 'We need to fight for union rights'

DETROIT – It’s not difficult to see how Washington D.C. becomes like Lansing. ..

Biden to labor: 'this is not your father's Republican Party'

DETROIT – Politics is often in lockstep with the parades and picnics that take place here every year on Labor Day, and this year’s event was no different. ..

A stronger middle class requires stronger unions

On Labor Day, families gather, politicians pay tribute to values of hard work, and some workers even get an extra day off. But this Labor Day arrives with working families struggling to stay afloat. ..

Union busters want to get a grip on Labor Day

Don’t look now, but the union haters are muscling in on Labor Day. ..

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Trying times on Labor Day ..