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Nonunion contractors agonize over income of their 'poor people'

"If low pay was a felony, I think most of us would be on death row today." ..

Trades celebrate Labor's day

It was a good day for organized labor in Michigan on Sept. 3, as thousands turned out in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Marquette and Muskegon to celebrate Labor's Day. ..

Teamsters extend olive branch to Bush during an unusual presidential visit

The Sept. 3 Labor Day celebration in Detroit was typical of those that have taken place over the last decade - sort of. ..

116-year life-span for a roof? St. Anne's got its money's worth

A combination of quality construction materials and great craftsmanship helped the slate roof of St. Anne's Church in Detroit last 116 years. ..

Labor Legacy arch unveiled

Plans for the Michigan Labor Legacy Project were released Aug. 28, featuring a stainless-steel open arch standing 60 feet above ground between West Jefferson and Hart Plaza. The art work will include 14 large, natural boulders holding bronze castings that depict labor's story. ..

Going up: new sequencing facility

A $20 million "sequencing" facility for Ai-Genesee, a GM supplier, is going up in Flint, made possible by union labor and union pension dollars. ..

News Briefs

New delay for steel standard? ..