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Positions, everyone - Issues more in focus as election season advances

With the airwaves filled with election rhetoric already for much of the year, few Americans would mind if we returned to the tradition of making Labor Day the kickoff point of the presidential campaign season. ..

Candidates come calling to court very important voters: Michigan's

So, Michigan voters…what makes you so special? ..

58er Jones on target at archery championships

Bullseye! ..

Centennial celebration for Local 190

ANN ARBOR - When the odometer flipped on a new century in 1900, 15 men gathered to accept the charter granted by International Union, which was then called the United Association of Journeyman Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Steam Fitters and Steam Fitters' Helpers of the U.S. and Canada. ..

Voucher system doesn't play by the rules of the game

Jeremy Hughes, superintendent of Dearborn Schools, argues that education vouchers will not provide parents with the choice and competition in education that voucher proponents promise. He urges voter opposition to the proposed amendment to the Michigan Constitution that is on the November ballot. ..