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State of working America: corporations profits up; worker incomes - not so much

With the decline of our state's manufacturing base and loss of thousands of jobs over the last several years, Michigan is often portrayed as an island of economic malaise in a nation of prosperity. ..

It's all about the 0: 3 million man-hours, zero injuries nets gold for Walbridge

A tip of the hard hat to Michigan contracting giant Walbridge-Aldinger, which was recognized on Aug. 29 by MIOSHA and the state Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG) for maintaining an on-the-job environment that has helped keep thousands of construction workers safe. ..

Granholm on Labor Day: 'What we need is a law to make sure no workers are left behind'

Thousands of Michigan union members and supporters took to the streets of Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Ishpeming on Labor Day in an annual show of solidarity and a celebration of organized labor. ..

Ethanol plant shuts out local workers as construction starts

MARYSVILLE - A new $95 million ethanol plant here seems ready to be a big jobs producer - for Minnesota construction workers. ..

Here comes the sun (and wind): School's open to energy alternatives

We're in an era when no one can predict the price and availability of the world's oil and natural gas supplies. ..

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