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House snubs Bush, votes to overturn new overtime rules

A political hot-potato got a little hotter on Sept. 9, as the U.S. House voted 223-193 to bar the Bush Administration from enforcing rules that would strip overtime rights from up to six million workers. ..

Union employers gain 'a powerful bargaining chip' with OT rules

On paper, the House voted on Sept. 9 to bar the new overtime rules from going into effect. ..

Labor Day, 2004 - Edwards states case for Kerry presidency

“If you believe that America is going in the right direction, you should vote for George Bush,” said Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards. “John Kerry and I have a plan. I think what would actually be good for this economy is to outsource this administration. We can do better.” ..

State of the union? 'No relief in sight' for working families

Is America headed in the wrong direction, as Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards suggests? ..

New iron looks over Spartans' gridiron

EAST LANSING – A milestone for the ongoing renovations at Spartan Stadium was reached on July 30, with the topping out of the structural iron that will support new seating, luxury seats and a replacement press box. ..

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