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Unions still a vital force in U.S. economy

By Sean McGarvey
North America's Building Trades Unions

Landmark labor ruling could open the door to more union bargaining

WASHINGTON - A ruling issued Aug. 27 by the National Labor Relations Board "will make many business leaders’ heads spin," says the National Law Review. The Wall Street Journal's lead editorial on Aug. 29 accused the NLRB of making a ruling that "radically rewrites U.S. labor law" and of "ruining countless August vacations this week" for its readers in the business community. The National Federation of Independent Business warned the ruling could “blow up” long-standing business models. ..

Union help brings to life autistic Play Place

GOP group makes road trip for RTW 'How were the roads in Missouri?'

Michigan's right-to-work law, adopted in December 2012 over the vociferous objections of organized labor and state Democratic lawmakers, continues to be a sore subject whenever it comes up. ..

What they did last summer: Ferris State hosts HVACR students

Statewide ad campaign seeks to fill need for skilled workers

DETROIT – A coalition of organized construction contractor associations and skilled labor unions launched a new advertising campaign on Labor Day to raise awareness about career opportunities in the skilled trades. The MUST Construction Careers campaign includes billboards, bus wraps, and television ads.  ..

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No progress on roads or prevailing wage ..