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Despite assailants, prevailing wage law to survive 2015-16

LANSING - A lot of bad laws for organized labor have been adopted during the state Legislature's "lame duck" session - the worst of which was the passage of right-to-work in Michigan in December 2012. ..

New Holland, Michigan power plant moves toward completion


Some employers press workers to vote their way, new report says

By Mark Gruenberg ..

Better vibe for unions, Gallup poll finds

Americans are feeling a bit better about labor unions.  ..

Not registered to vote? It's about time

Not registered to vote? You have some time, but not much, to do so to have your say in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 general election. ..

Finally, a raise for U.S. households

One of the major markers of a constrained U.S. economy has been the lack of income advancement for its workers. But that's changing for the better. ..