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Who are those guys? Part 2

Editor's note: In our last edition, we published the first in a series of three articles devoted to exposing the membership makeup of the rabidly anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors. ..

Labor rallies, but will members vote?

LANSING - Several thousand union members marched to the steps of the State Capitol Sept. 19, getting the attention of lawmakers with union banners, shirts, flags, placards - and a microphone. ..

There's still time: Register to vote by Monday, Oct. 7

An election as important as the one that will take place in Michigan on Tuesday, Nov. 5 deserves all the participation that can be mustered. ..

Thanks for your generosity after Sept. 11

In the days and weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, employees, workers and employers of the Michigan building trades and construction industry made numerous contributions of time, talents and resources to assist those affected by the tragic events of that day. ..

Steam-powered scoop: historic crane's days may be numbered

FRANKFORT - Steam power is alive and (sort of) well on the Great Lakes. ..

Heimlich, CPR training can save a life

Earning a first aid card through the Michigan Construction Trades Safety Institute's Save-A-Life program brings obvious benefits to your job in the skilled trades. Yet medical emergencies can arise anywhere, striking anyone. It especially hits home when the life of a family member is endangered. ..

Health care costs likely to start incursion into your paycheck

Get ready for a bigger chunk of your pay raises to be allocated to health care costs. ..


ENR lists top contractors  ..