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Support Proposal 2: ‘apathy is not an option’

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” ..

Labor brings own fight to end war on workers

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The Tea Party, which has taken over the Republican Party and produced “craziness” there, is responsible for the “tremendous war on workers” now being waged nationwide, Teamsters President James Hoffa says. ..

Trades dig in to major overhaul of aging steam loop at MSU

After being buried for decades, exposed to heat and frost cycles, and acting as a conduit for a constant 90 pounds of steam, Michigan State University has gotten its money’s worth out of its West Circle Steam Loop system. ..

Declining union density bodes ill for U.S. economy

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The drop in workers’ income from the Great Recession, piled on prior decline during the weak 2001-07 recovery, was so deep that it may take until 2020 before workers’ incomes match their peak set in 2000, the Economic Policy Institute says.  It calls that prospect “an under-appreciated economic calamity.” ..

GOP platform wants no part of union-backed wage advantage

Where unions are present, wages tend to be higher. And few would argue that raising American workers’ wages and improving the level of health care and insurance coverage would be a major stimulant for a struggling U.S. economy. ..