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Wake up call at MBTC convention

BAY CITY – More than half a century after unions reached their pinnacle of clout in 1953 – when 35.7 of the U.S. workforce was in the house of organized labor – unions are not far from becoming irrelevant to the American political process. ..

As union membership drops toward 10 percent 'We will not have the strength to come back'

Mark Gaffney is president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. He spoke to Michigan Building Trades delegates on Aug. 24. ..

'Your strength is impaired You have fewer people. Lawmakers don't want to listen to you'


Bush's new overtime rules amount to a pay takeaway from workers

On Monday, Aug. 23, the Bush administration took away the right to receive overtime pay from millions of employees in a broad range of occupations, from office workers in financial services to embalmers, nursery school teachers and restaurant chefs and assistant managers. ..

Trades give time, talent to improve treatment center

KALAMAZOO – A place to walk and a place to unwind were created for clients at the Jim Gilmore Jr. Treatment Center by Southwest Michigan Building Trades workers. ..

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