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Bush hangs his hat on tax cuts to cure U.S. economic ills

The presidency of George W. Bush has been dominated by three major issues: the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the war with Iraq, and the nation's economy. ..

Labor's agenda 'is not the agenda of this administration'

President Bush's budget for 2004 will reflect a shortfall of $480 billion. Over nearly three years, the Bush Administration has been giving American workers the short end of the stick, too. ..

Trades celebrate a soggy Labor Day

A diehard group of a few thousand building trades workers and their families braved the wet weather on Sept. 1 and celebrated Labor Day - with umbrellas and ponchos joining hard hats and union shirts as the fashion of the day. ..

File by phone system in place for jobless apps

The state's telephone system for accepting unemployment claims is open for business in western Michigan and unemployed workers are being encouraged to use it. ..

Landmark marks labor's 'rich heritage'

The gap at the top of the 63-foot tall Michigan Labor Legacy Landmark represents labor's unfinished tasks. ..

Legacy Landmark also highlights link between the building trades and AGC

By Douglas L. Maibach, P.E. ..


Boilermakers' Marek New MBTC president
Boilermakers Local 169 Business Manager John Marek has been appointed to fill the two years remaining in the term of Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council President Sam T. Hart, who is retiring in September. ..