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Mackinac Center ties itself into legal RTW knot to attack unions

At its core, Michigan’s new right-to-work laws covering public and private employees are fairly simple.  ..

Members-as-politicians could help organized labor get its mojo back

DETROIT – Politically, Michigan’s labor movement could use a plan to get out of the wilderness. ..

Michigan labor sees New Jersey political plan and say, why not here?

DETROIT – You don’t have to look too far back to see where all the anti-labor legislation in Michigan came from. Union household votes have been declining. ..

Pension plan patients growing healthier

Multiemployer pension plans such as those that cover the building trades are healthier since the depths of the Great Recession, but have a ways to go before they rebound to levels from five or six years ago.  ..

Celebrating Labor Day

IN HONOR OF THEIR 100th Anniversary next year, IBEW Local 58 was given lead position in this year’s Detroit Labor Day Parade. Thousands of union members followed and joined the march along Michigan Avenue. Thank you to all who attended.  ..

Unions pledge to appeal right-to-work ruling for public workers

The UAW notified its members late last month that it would appeal an Aug. 15 appeals court ruling which found that Michigan’s right-to-work law does apply to about 30,000 state employees.  ..

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Little change for Michigan building ..