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Congress dithers with pension reform's 'ticking time bomb'

WASHINGTON - The year-end clock is ticking for the so-called "Do-Nothing Congress," and building trades pension plan stakeholders are among those pressing for federal lawmakers to follow a labor-management plan to help more multi-employer pension plans stay solvent. ..

Election yields more of the same: labor's friends in office are few and far between

LANSING – Michigan’s voters have had a good look from 2010-2014 at what total Republican control of state government looks like. Michigan being made into a right-to-work state. Permanent reduction of jobless from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. New rules that make it nearly impossible for injured employees to get workers compensation benefits. Higher taxes on senior pensions, lower taxes for corporations. ..

Vote Nov. 4: Show that labor still has muscles to flex

Your pension. Your health care. Your wage scale. Your workplace safety. Your union. ..

Totten for state attorney general: he'll take trades' case on prevailing wage

The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council has endorsed Democrat Mark Totten as he seeks to unseat incumbent Bill Schuette for state attorney general in the Nov. 4 general election. ..

News Briefs

ABC and GOP should get a room  ..

AFL-CIO's Trumka: To avoid an 'ass-kicking,' labor needs to step up its political outreach, big-time

DETROIT – Passage of Michigan’s right-to-work law in 2012 by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican Legislature “shivered the timbers of every union in every state,” said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka. ..

'This election really is about organized people vs. organized money'

LANSING – Michigan AFL-CIO President Karla Swift provided MIRS News Service with some of organized labor’s perspective concerning the Nov. 4 election. ..

'Turnout is a problem': Peters seeks to overcome voter apathy in Senate bid

Michigan’s open U.S. Senate seat was seen earlier this year by Republicans as a good, potential pickup for their party, with Terry Lynn Land seen as a solid candidate who was polling well. ..

Specter's move could bolster EFCA, other labor causes

The defection of a Republican Pennsylvania senator to the Democratic Party could have profound implications for the labor movement in the U.S. Or not. ..

Right-to-work states aren't on right track, either

Economically, Michigan is as sick as they come. So would instituting a union-killing, wage-lowering right-to-work law open the door to new businesses and return the state to fiscal prosperity? ..