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Hire Michigan 1st stalls in state Senate

LANSING – The Hire Michigan First bill sailed through the Democratic majority in the state House, but was brought to a screeching halt on April 1 by the majority of Republicans in the state Senate. ..

'Hire Michigan First' passes House; reception may be 'frosty' in Senate


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Who will lead the fight for working families?

Over the last eight years, most of which has been spent with a Republican-dominated Congress, President Bill Clinton, through his power to introduce and veto legislation, has often been the only person in Washington able to stand up for working people. ..

Election 2000: 'We have the power in our votes'


State Supreme Court supremely important this year - and this decade

So you've taken the time to vote, either by absentee ballot or at the polls. ..

We're fighting for your fair wages and safe jobs - won't you join us at the polls on Nov. 7?


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C'mon, send 'em in! Return voter forms to clerk by Oct. 10

How important is the Nov. 7 general election? ..