Prevailing Wage Video Resources

Prevailing Wage Statement - Patrick "Shorty" Gleason

“Fifty years, this bill has been in place to make sure women and men in the construction industry were paid a fair wage,” said Patrick “Shorty” Gleason of the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council.

Economist Peter Philips on Proposed Prevailing Wage Exclusion

University of Utah economics professor Peter Philips testified against Kentucky House Bill 419, a measure to exclude all educational buildings and facilities from state prevailing wage laws. He contends that carving exceptions or repealing the wage laws would hurt workers and the overall economy. He spoke to the House Labor and Industry Committee on March 6, 2014.

Prevailing Wage Mike Stobak

The Economic Impact of Repealing Missouri's Prevailing Wage Law

Commissioner Jeff Wright - Prevailing Wage Interview