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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Proposal 2 a stealth missile for U.S. labor?

Date Posted: October 12 2012

During this presidential election year, and with six proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot, Michigan’s Proposal 2 is flying a bit under the radar in terms of national attention, but...

Some yeas, nays on ballot proposals

Date Posted: October 12 2012

Six proposals are on the Nov. 6 ballot – leaving plenty of room for voter confusion, error, and perhaps an inclination to just vote “no” on all of them, or...

Top apprentice award goes to Local 169’s Coulter

Date Posted: October 12 2012

DEARBORN – Blaine Coulter let his skills and knowledge do most of his talking after the Boilermakers Local 169 member won the 25th Annual Boilermakers National Outstanding Apprenticeship Award on Sept....

Topping out new and improving Cobo Center

Date Posted: October 12 2012

DETROIT –Another big step in the five-year renovation of Cobo Center took place Oct. 4, with the placement of a 50-foot-long section of white iron that will help form the...

Why the Michigan Supreme Court election matters to you

Date Posted: October 12 2012

The election on Nov. 6 provides two golden opportunities to turn the tide on the Republican-led destruction of working peoples’ rights and protections in Michigan.  I’ll add my support to...

You and Proposal 2: ‘If we don’t stand up and win this thing, we’re done’

Date Posted: October 12 2012

MADISON HEIGHTS – U.S. Rep. Sander Levin, a labor lawyer in his early days, had an active role when Michigan’s labor laws and Constitution were written in the 1960s. He...

Declining union density bodes ill for U.S. economy

Date Posted: September 28 2012

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The drop in workers’ income from the Great Recession, piled on prior decline during the weak 2001-07 recovery, was so deep that it may take until 2020...

GOP platform wants no part of union-backed wage advantage

Date Posted: September 28 2012

Where unions are present, wages tend to be higher. And few would argue that raising American workers’ wages and improving the level of health care and insurance coverage would be...

Labor brings own fight to end war on workers

Date Posted: September 28 2012

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The Tea Party, which has taken over the Republican Party and produced “craziness” there, is responsible for the “tremendous war on workers” now being waged nationwide, Teamsters...


Date Posted: September 28 2012

Support Proposal 2 rally set for Oct. 2 Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 is organizing a “Protect Our Jobs” rally in support of Proposal 2. It will be held beginning...

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