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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Too-big-to-fail petition drive seeks a permanent end to anti-worker laws

Date Posted: March 16 2012

LANSING – The organized labor community in Michigan has committed itself to a high-risk, high-reward strategy in an effort to enshrine collective bargaining rights for public and private workers into...

‘We’ve had our share of tough days’ Labor’s course for a comeback goes through the House

Date Posted: March 16 2012

LANSING – The 53rd Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council Legislative Conference arrived at a time that was likely the most depressing point in the history of organized labor in...

‘I'll fight for right-to-work laws’ Romney takes aim at unions during Michigan campaign

Date Posted: March 2 2012

GRAND RAPIDS – Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney came to Michigan the day after Valentine’s Day, but he wasn’t showing any love for the state’s union members. Romney received national...

Kellogg CC building remodeled, re-purposed

Date Posted: March 2 2012

BATTLE CREEK – The transformation of the Lane Thomas Building on the Kellogg Community College campus is nearly complete. Constructed in 1961, the 30,000-square-foot building has been expanded with about...

MBCTC welcomes new Business Rep. Dave Austin

Date Posted: March 2 2012

Dave Austin has joined the staff of the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council’s Detroit office, serving as business representative. The president and business development coordinator of Detroit’s IBEW Local...


Date Posted: March 2 2012

Romney picks up ABC’s endorsement PHOENIX (PAI) – Specifically citing GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s anti-union stands, the nation’s top anti-worker construction group, the Associated Builders and Contractors, has endorsed...

Onward and upward…Michigan State’s Wells Hall undergoes vertical expansion

Date Posted: March 2 2012

EAST LANSING – They’re calling it an addition, but the added space that’s being constructed at  Wells Hall on the Michigan State University campus needs a better term to describe...

Positive story of unions has been drowned in a sea of corporate money

Date Posted: March 2 2012

By Harry Kelber “The Labor Educator” Unions have been around for more than a century, and they've done more good for America's working people — union and non-union — and...

Republicans kill plan to extend jobless benefit weeks

Date Posted: March 2 2012

LANSING – It was bad enough for the state’s workers when Gov. Rick Snyder signed a Republican-backed bill last March 28, which made Michigan the first state in history to...

Bay City overturns prevailing wage law

Date Posted: February 17 2012

BAY CITY – The city’s prevailing wage law was repealed Feb. 6, on a 5-4 vote by a City Commission whose majority bared its conservative fangs and then bit into...

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