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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Re-enforcement has arrived: State seeks more compliance with prevailing wage law

Date Posted: November 11 2005

This is first in a series of articles about the fair enforcement of Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965. It talks about improvements in the complaint and prevailing wage interpretation...

Senate GOP kills minimum wage hike

Date Posted: November 11 2005

WASHINGTON (PAI) - Despite labor lobbying, the Senate again voted, on Oct. 19, not to raise the minimum wage. The 51-47 vote against the $1.10-per-hour hike overcame unanimous Democratic support....

The apprentice: in Michigan it's Scott Daly of IBEW 58

Date Posted: November 11 2005

The Michigan Apprenticeship Steering Committee Inc. (MASCI) 2005 Apprentice of the Year award goes to… Scott Daly of IBEW Local 58. The fifth-year apprentice took the top honor for his...

Expanding campus brings more power to Spartanville

Date Posted: October 28 2005

LANSING - Tens of thousands of Michiganians, including residents, businesses and lawmakers in next-door Lansing, lost power during the great blackout of August 2003. However, the lights and air conditioning...

Globalization without rules leads race to the bottom

Date Posted: October 28 2005

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer WASHINGTON (PAI) - In the 1980s, American jobs started moving to low-wage Mexico. Then, many of them moved from Mexico to ultra-low-wage nations like...

Governor Pays Visit

Date Posted: October 28 2005

MICHIGAN Gov. Jennifer Granholm visited the Michigan State Building Trades Council offices in Detroit earlier this month. She met with Council Secretary-Treas. Pat Devlin, right, and Operating Engineers Local 324...

News Briefs

Date Posted: October 28 2005

Federal unions in Bush's sight WASHINGTON (PAI) - President George W. Bush wants to extend his anti-worker, anti-union personnel plan to virtually every one of the federal government's two million...

The low-wage global infusion: workers get it; why don't policymakers?

Date Posted: October 28 2005

By Thomas Palley Special to PAI WASHINGTON (PAI) - There is a famous theorem in international economics - the Stolper-Samuelson theorem - that says when a rich, capital-abundant country, such...

Union benefits not apparent to John Q. Public

Date Posted: October 28 2005

With the decline in union membership slipping generally unabated over the last 25 years, what are the prospects for a turnaround? At the moment, not so good. A nationwide Zogby...

Years of planning pay off with new Local 98 Training Center

Date Posted: October 28 2005

Plumbers Local 98 has only had four training centers in the local union's 112-year history. The latest and easily the best facility among them was unveiled on Oct. 11 during...

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