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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Trades fix fabulous Fox's fascia

Date Posted: December 26 2003

The interior of Detroit's Fox Theatre was magnificently renovated in the late 1980s. Now, it's the exterior's turn to shine. BAC Local 1 masons and support crafts from restoration contractor...

Bush gets his way as workers lose overtime benefits

Date Posted: December 12 2003

Nothing can stop one of the most obnoxious rules affecting working people in U.S. history. As many as eight million U.S. workers could be affected by the rule, which has...

Bush puts nation over a (pork) barrel

Date Posted: December 12 2003

WASHINGTON - Not long ago, Republicans were the self-proclaimed "party of fiscal responsibility." They stood for the elimination of the federal deficits, reduced government spending and lower taxes. They've been...

Labor, allies fear the wrong diagnosis for Medicare plan

Date Posted: December 12 2003

Organized labor and most of its allies in Congress heartily dislike the sweeping new $400 billion Medicare bill passed by Congress on Nov. 25. Oddly enough, for entirely different reasons,...


Date Posted: December 12 2003

Casinos seek to build, re-build in Michigan Casinos, casinos, everywhere. Romulus voters OK'd a plan on Dec. 2 that would allow the construction of a new casino and race track,...

The Gangbox

Date Posted: December 12 2003

Assorted news and notes Democrats are saying "ditto" to Rush Limbaugh. Not that they agree with the conservative radio talk show host's views. But Dems do think having more liberal voices...

Trades, Walsh say no to overflows with new sewage holding facility

Date Posted: December 12 2003

The City of Detroit is getting serious about cleaning up its wastewater. Two months ago, we reported on the $62 million project in southwest Detroit to upgrade sewage holding and...

Construction forecast calls for a slightly better 2004

Date Posted: November 28 2003

We have no idea about weather trends for the next 12 months, but the clouds should break up slightly over the U.S. construction industry in 2004, according to the Engineering News...

Down on the farm? Not this silo

Date Posted: November 28 2003

The building trades and general contractor Graycor are moving towards completing a massive 106-foot diameter, 185-foot-tall silo in Detroit that purportedly has the largest capacity in North America. The silo...

Most of labor keeps powder dry during presidential primary

Date Posted: November 28 2003

When it comes to endorsing a candidate for U.S. president in 2004, unions and their members are all over the map. One thing is clear: Organized labor will not, under...

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