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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

McGarvey: building trades must again become labor movement backbone

Date Posted: April 14 2017

WASHINGTON (PAI)--With public sector unions under constant attack and manufacturing unions struggling to keep their numbers up as factories' share of the U.S. workforce declines, building trades unions must again...

Mixed reactions to Trump as he pushes massive plan to revamp U.S. infrastructure

Date Posted: April 14 2017

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer  WASHINGTON (PAI) – Saying “America’s labor leaders will always find an open door with Donald Trump,” the new Republican U.S. president made one of...

News Briefs

Date Posted: April 14 2017

Trades Capitol display set for May 9 Building trades unions, their contractors and contractor associations from across Michigan will be putting their best foot forward on Tuesday, May 9 in...

Surest way to a pay cut: repeal prevailing wage law

Date Posted: April 14 2017

By Ross Eisenbrey and Teresa Kroeger Economic Policy Institute For more than 40 years, big business and the Republican party have teamed up to drive down the wages of construction...

Trades leery about safety with Trump's deregulation orders

Date Posted: April 14 2017

By Nick Fox Laborers Health and Safety Fund of North America Executive orders are issued by the president and directed towards federal officials and agencies. They’ve been issued by every...

Trump dumps fair play and safe workplaces rule

Date Posted: April 14 2017

WASHINGTON (PAI)—To Republican cheers, GOP President Donald Trump signed legislation on March 27 dumping the Obama administration’s Fair Play and Safe Workplaces rule, for good. His decision leaves federal contractors...

'We have an awful lot to be proud of': Trades must start marketing themselves better. Now.

Date Posted: March 31 2017

​LANSING - "I am a great believer in luck," Thomas Jefferson said. "The harder I work, the more I have of it." ​The state's building trades unions have had their...

Prevailing wage repeal a never-ending saga in Michigan

Date Posted: March 31 2017

'We are going to continue to meet with our friends and foes alike' LANSING – In a political environment that has been a breeding ground for Michigan's right-to-work law and...

No end in sight: pension funds under continuous strain to fix finances

Date Posted: March 31 2017

LANSING - You do the math. The 40 or so construction industry multiemployer union pension funds in Michigan have net assets of about $7 billion.  Every year, more than $800...

McGarvey predicts $1 trillion infrastructure bill by year’s end

Date Posted: March 31 2017

SAN ANTONIO (PAI)—The president of North America’s Building Trades is confident Congress will enact a 10-year $1 trillion infrastructure construction bill by the end of this calendar year, aided by...

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