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Friday, April 27, 2012


By The Building Tradesman

‘Facebook for union members’ Union Circle website launched

(Submitted by Union was designed to provide a place where 40 million active union members, supporters, retirees, family and friends can be counted. It is a powerful information sharing social networking community to address the specific needs of organized labor. will connect individuals who share a passion and interest to grow organized labor and help preserve what has already been created.  The mission statement is “To provide a powerful online voice for all unions, and for their members to share ideas and information; to grow membership and assert a greater global influence to further advance the labor movement.” will provide a forum for its members to interact and build a potentially powerful voice.  Union members can share their thoughts and opinions, while union locals can post news and announcements.  Politicians who support unions will have a platform for their message to rally union members.  Union-friendly businesses offer members exclusive discounts, promotions, special offers, rewards and coupons.  The central, core purpose of the sight is to bring organized labor as a collective voice to act on issues like right-to-work, and to do it quickly.  When issues arise that impact union members, a social network like may be not just the first alarm, but become the first line of defense.

Anyone can join such as active union members, retirees, supporters, family, friends, and any individual who desires to advance and support organized labor.   It is FREE and easy to join.  Visit us at and sign up to be eligible for our weekly and monthly giveaways.  Also visit or email us at

Many local unions have already begun to sign up members, and the first prize, an IPAD 2,  was given away to a member at BAC Local 1.

 Listen.  Be heard.  Take action.  Tell every union member you know.  Now is the time,  is the place.  GET IN THE CIRCLE.