The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Help sidetrack prevailing wage repeal effort

By The Building Tradesman

LANSING – The proposed repeal of Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Act is not a done deal. And Michigan’s building trades workers are asked to do their part to make sure it stays that way.

Republican lawmakers enjoy large majorities in both the state House and Senate. Most, but not all, of the GOP caucus supports prevailing wage repeal. But there are some “no” votes, and perhaps there could be more with enough lobbying by building trades union members.

“Our state senators and house members need to hear from their constituents, urging them not to repeal prevailing wage,” said Patrick “Shorty” Gleason, legislative director for the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council. “If all our members and their families could take five minutes and write just a short note, e-mail, or make a phone call, it could make a big difference.”

To contact your state lawmakers, web users, go to:

1. Under the “Senators” tab, click on “Find your Senator.”
2. Click on “Find your Representative” at the bottom of the page.

Or, call your city or township clerk’s office and ask them.