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Friday, March 25, 2011

Want to voice your outrage? Here’s who you can call or write

By The Building Tradesman

With no less than 37 anti-worker and anti-union bills on the docket in the Michigan House and Senate, it’s time for building trades workers around the state to let their state representatives and state senators know how you feel.

Contact information for state lawmakers can be found on our website, www.mb. A link found on the home page under “Organized labor under assault in Lansing” will lead you to websites where you can type in your address or hometown and zip code and get contact information for your state senator or representative. Quick tip: it’s more important to contact your state representative or senator if he or she is a Republican.

Not computer literate? Ask a family member or friend to look it up for you, and get your lawmaker’s phone number or address. Or call your city or township’s clerk’s office.

Daily bill updates can also be found at You can also go to, at the bottom of the home page is a link to “Contacts” and “find your legislators.”

Need some talking points? Below are the most onerous bills to Michigan’s unionized construction workers.

*Senate Bill 0120 – Would create right to work zones in Michigan.

*House Bill 4226 – Removes prevailing wage on public school construction projects

*SB 0095 – Repeals prevailing wage on state-funded construction projects.

*SB 165 – Would repeal the ability of governments to enter into project labor agreements with union contractors.

*SB 0014 – Repeals the Michigan Health and Safety Act, ending MIOSHA as a state agency.

*HB 4059 – Prohibits paying union officials for conducting union business

*HB 4052 – Prohibits using taxpayer funded equipment and facilities for union or political activities.