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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

On the record…Who's bad? See where Gore, Bush stand on issues

Date Posted: September 29 2000

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote." -George Jean Nathan The definition of what makes a "bad" official, is of course, in the eye of the...

Raising nonunion standards - for all the wrong reasons

Date Posted: September 29 2000

Nonunion contractors now masters of the obvious: Increased pay keeps workers Tradesman viewpoint Editor's note: Following is evidence of some appalling logic by leaders in two large, nonunion construction companies....

58er Jones on target at archery championships

Date Posted: September 15 2000

Bullseye! IBEW Local 58 member Bob Jones is quite familiar with that term these days, having won his division in the 2000 Indoor U.S. National Championship and the International Field...

Candidates come calling to court very important voters: Michigan's

Date Posted: September 15 2000

So, Michigan voters…what makes you so special? If it seems to you as if Michigan is getting more than its usual share of attention from presidential candidates in the 2000...

Centennial celebration for Local 190

Date Posted: September 15 2000

ANN ARBOR - When the odometer flipped on a new century in 1900, 15 men gathered to accept the charter granted by International Union, which was then called the United...

Construction deaths lead all industries

Date Posted: September 15 2000

The construction industry continued to lead the nation in 1999 in a most unwelcome category - worker deaths. There were 1,190 fatalities in the U.S. construction industry in 1999 -...


Date Posted: September 15 2000

NLRB says temps can organize Building trades organizing efforts were bolstered by an Aug. 30 National Labor Relations Board ruling that said temporary workers no longer need permission from either...

Positions, everyone - Issues more in focus as election season advances

Date Posted: September 15 2000

With the airwaves filled with election rhetoric already for much of the year, few Americans would mind if we returned to the tradition of making Labor Day the kickoff point...

Voucher system doesn't play by the rules of the game

Date Posted: September 15 2000

Jeremy Hughes, superintendent of Dearborn Schools, argues that education vouchers will not provide parents with the choice and competition in education that voucher proponents promise. He urges voter opposition to...

Labor Day 2000 'When Working Families Vote, We All Win'

Date Posted: September 1 2000

Every four years, Labor Day is traditionally the kickoff date for the presidential election season, and this year the first Monday in September has even more significance. The nation will...

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