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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Monument planned to honor Michigan vets killed in Vietnam

Date Posted: May 26 2000

LANSING - Building trades unions are part of an effort to construct a memorial to the 2,649 people from Michigan who died during the Vietnam War. Proportionally, more Michigan residents...

Trench safety is expensive; the cost of life is incalculable

Date Posted: May 26 2000

By Richard J. Mee Chief, Construction Safety Division MIOSHA records show that 88 Michigan construction workers have died in excavation cave-in incidents, just since the Construction Safety Division has been...

Wayne State's construction boom a boon to the building trades

Date Posted: May 26 2000

Two more projects are extending a building splurge that is transforming the look of the Wayne State University. Building trades workers have been permanent visitors on the campus for most...

Whether you know it or not, GOP feels you need 'empowerment'

Date Posted: May 26 2000

There's a new name for "Paycheck Protection." It's called the "Worker Information and Empowerment Act," and its sponsor wants to "make it easier for workers to determine if they want...

Young people can use help to work safe this summer

Date Posted: May 26 2000

In today's tight job market, more and more employers, for the first time, will turn to younger people to meet these needs this summer. For many young people, this will...

Detroit Building Trades among GARDE honorees for fast-paced school work

Date Posted: May 12 2000

The Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council, along with Detroit Public Schools and Barton Malow Co., were recipients of one of the 2000 GARDE Awards for work performed during...

Let's direct our resources to supporting our candidates

Date Posted: May 12 2000

By Tom Boensch Michigan Building Trades Council A few affiliates have inquired about holding a labor rally this fall at the State Capitol. As I explained at the March Michigan...

Metro Airport expansion cruises along

Date Posted: May 12 2000

One of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Michigan is moving nonstop toward completion. Few people who have flown in or out of Metropolitan Airport in Romulus would disagree...

MIOSHA inspectors hustle, but employer penalties are lacking

Date Posted: May 12 2000

When it comes to the frequency of workplace safety inspections in the U.S., Michigan stacks up pretty well. But it's another story when it comes to imposing fines on contractors...

Rail trestle down for the count

Date Posted: May 12 2000

MARQUETTE - The wrestling match is over, and the trestle that once supported thousands of ore-carrying railroad cars to and from the city's docks is permanently down for the count....

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