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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Indiana judge tosses RTW challenges

Date Posted: February 22 2013

Indiana passed a right-to-work law early last year, and legal efforts by labor unions to rid the Hoosier state of their anti-union law may be like the canary-in-the-coal mine for...

REO Town powerhouse seen as community asset

Date Posted: February 22 2013

LANSING – If you seek a pleasant powerhouse on the city’s south side, look around you in the city’s historic REO Town district. Located at Washington and East South Street...

Road money will have to be raised somehow. Right?

Date Posted: February 22 2013

By Jack Lessenberry Do Michigan’s lawmakers have the will to vote for some painful spending that is absolutely necessary if the state has any prayer of being economically competitive in...

Strike threat becomes empty weapon for U.S. unions

Date Posted: February 22 2013

U.S. union membership has been in a steep decline over the past 40 years – so have strikes and lockouts. There were five – count ‘em, five – strikes or...

U.S. union membership sinks to historic low

Date Posted: February 22 2013

WASHINGTON – More bad news for the nation’s labor movement. The union membership rate in the U.S. – the percentage of wage and salary workers who were members of a...

Record low construction fatality, injury rates

Date Posted: February 8 2013

LANSING – Michigan experienced a record-low eight construction fatalities in 2012. And low injury rates in the industry are becoming the norm, too. “It’s amazing, construction has almost knocked itself...

Renewable energy capability to transform NMU plant

Date Posted: February 8 2013

MARQUETTE – Northern Michigan University’s Ripley Heating Plant is getting a new look and a new purpose. Johnson Controls and the building trades are moving toward completion of the Ripley...

Big money backed long-term RTW plan in Michigan

Date Posted: January 25 2013

Michigan’s right-to-work law didn’t just pop up out of the legislative swamp in last December ’s lame-duck legislative session. Big political money, from inside and outside of Michigan, started to...

Good teamwork noted in Beaumont’s busy build-out

Date Posted: January 25 2013

TROY – A “vertical expansion” of the Beaumont Hospital-Troy West Bed Tower was completed in 2009 and included the addition of levels five, six and seven above an existing four-story...

Legally speaking, here are some right-to-work questions and answers

Date Posted: January 25 2013

By Andrew Nickelhoff (The writer is a long-time Michigan labor attorney who prepared this document for distribution among local unions, to help answer members’ questions about Michigan’s new right-to-work laws)....

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