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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

New limits proposed for asbestos liability

Date Posted: November 4 2011

LANSING – Asbestos-related disease victims and their families would continue to be victimized by the Michigan Legislature with the potential passage of a proposed law that would limit the liability...


Date Posted: November 4 2011

Construction flatline to continue for 2012 WASHINGTON, D.C. – A year ago and beyond, prognosticators were eyeing 2012 as the breakout year for improved U.S. construction activity. Unfortunately, that’s not...

Right to work wrong for Oklahoma; Michigan too

Date Posted: November 4 2011

With Michigan on the front lines of the right-to-work debate, the Economic Policy Institute is helping organized labor in our state fight back with information. Following is our third excerpt...

Snyder issues $1 billion plan to improve Michigan roads

Date Posted: November 4 2011

SOUTHFIELD – Gov. Rick Snyder’s long-awaited plan to improve road, bridge and infrastructure funding in Michigan would inject an additional $1 billion per year into the construction industry. Snyder released his plan...

Trades bid fond farewell as they hand over new Mott Hospital

Date Posted: November 4 2011

ANN ARBOR – “We wouldn’t mind another one of these,” said Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 190 Business Manager Kevin Groeb. Who wouldn’t? We refer to the completion this month...

Trades have an extended stay on Lake Superior

Date Posted: November 4 2011

MARQUETTE – The building trades have taken up residence on the city’s Lake Superior waterfront, building a new hotel at Founders Landing. Under construction is a new 84-room Hampton Inn,...

A few ideas to escape from the Great (Jobs) Depression

Date Posted: October 21 2011

I’m afraid we’ll need more than marches to get jobs back. Since the start of the Great Recession at the end of 2007, America’s potential labor force – that is,...

Attractions offered by right-to-work states may be as simple as nice weather

Date Posted: October 21 2011

LANSING – There are several Republican-backed right-to-work bills and proposals that are floating around the state Capitol. One would allow local governments to institute right-to-work “zones” in their corner of the...

Construction’s jobless rate eases to 13.3%

Date Posted: October 21 2011

Construction employers added 26,000 jobs between August and September as the industry’s unemployment rate dropped to 13.3 percent, from 13.5 percent, according to an analysis of new federal employment data...

Look for the union label on this right-to-work resolution

Date Posted: October 21 2011

MUSKEGON – Now this is a right-to-work resolution organized labor can live with. A resolution supporting the “real” right-to-work was adopted during the Oct. 11 meeting of the Muskegon County...

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