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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Union leaders confront political dilemma

Date Posted: April 22 2011

(By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer) WASHINGTON (PAI) – Union leaders, meeting April 13 in D.C., spent their time confronting a political dilemma: What do you do when your supposed...

Will union-busting be the spark to re-ignite the labor movement?

Date Posted: April 22 2011

With the building trades and the rest of organized labor being attacked all over the country, AFL-CIO Building Trades Department President Mark Ayers provided his point of view to the...

Yoopers put a bug in their ear, too

Date Posted: April 22 2011

MARQUETTE – Supporters of working families from across the Upper Peninsula converged on the U.P.’s largest city on April 13 to make their voices heard about the anti-labor rhetoric and...

AFL-CIO, chamber link up for infrastructure bank bill

Date Posted: April 8 2011

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The AFL-CIO and its normal enemy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, joined together March 16 to back a bipartisan bill establishing a national infrastructure bank. The bank...


Date Posted: April 8 2011

Michigan sees small work upswing Don’t look now, but Michigan has a comparatively positive, sustained construction employment streak going on. Michigan gained 6,700 construction jobs from February 2010 to February...

Rally time: Trades ready to make their voices heard

Date Posted: April 8 2011

LANSING – Building trades union workers from across Michigan are asked to converge on the steps of the State Capitol Building on Wednesday, April 13 as part of a “We...

Report finds (surprise!) state’s bridges in bad shape

Date Posted: April 8 2011

A March 30 report by Transportation for America (TFA) analyzes the sorry state of America’s bridges, and finds Michigan’s spans among the sorriest. “Our country is facing a backlog of...

Republicans’ lies about jobs demand a response Instead, we get the silence of the Dems

Date Posted: April 8 2011

(By Robert Reich) “And if all others accepted the lie which the party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and...

State Republicans reduce jobless benefits to 20 weeks

Date Posted: April 8 2011

LANSING – Michigan has suffered through its share of dubious “firsts” during this Great Recession that involve population loss, unemployment statistics, budget woes and political battles. Next in line is...

Trades on a roll at Severstal with pickle line, rolling mill

Date Posted: April 8 2011

DEARBORN – On the ground of former Ford Motor Co. Rouge Steel property, Severstal North America, Barton Malow and the building trades are going full bore on projects to enhance...

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