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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Industry employs real-life demonstration of fire sprinklers

Date Posted: December 24 2010

DETROIT – The city has a huge problem with fires. The sprinkler fitters and the National Fire Safety Association have a solution. That solution was on display Dec. 1 at...

Insulators add breath of life to asbestos research

Date Posted: December 24 2010

DETROIT – Finding a cure or better treatment for asbestos-related diseases is close to the hearts of thousands of construction workers, many of whom themselves may be afflicted or have...

Iron workers top out LG Chem

Date Posted: December 24 2010

HOLLAND – Iron Workers helped power up the first phase of construction at the LG Chem Battery Plant, and they finished off the lion’s share of their work on Nov....

Let’s have a jobless summit to ease strained relations with ‘the rest of us’

Date Posted: December 24 2010

(By Dave Johnson, We had bailouts and bonuses for Wall Street but letdowns and layoffs for Main Street. We had a deficit commission but no jobs commission. We have...


Date Posted: December 24 2010

Lawmakers approve extended UI benefits A bi-partisan Congress, along with the signature of President Obama on Dec. 17, passed an $858 billion package that guarantees up to 99 weeks of...

Obama, GOP tax deal an ‘abomination’ for all but the rich

Date Posted: December 24 2010

(By Robert Reich, Fmr Secretary of Labor) America’s two economies are getting wider apart. The Big Money economy is booming. According to a new Commerce Department report, third-quarter profits of...

Transportation group forecasts a 4.4% drop in U.S. 2011 highway & bridge construction

Date Posted: December 24 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Continuing budget challenges for state and local governments, uncertainty surrounding a new long-term federal surface transportation bill, and winding down of infrastructure investment under the stimulus law...

Human Health Building on the rise at Oakland U

Date Posted: December 10 2010

ROCHESTER – A new building that will be friendlier to its inhabitants and the environment is coming out of the ground on the Oakland University campus. The $62 million, 165,000-square-foot...

Industry still not ready to awaken from construction’s ‘long nightmare’

Date Posted: December 10 2010

U.S. Census Bureau figures and analysis by McGraw Hill Construction both reported small jumps in U.S. construction activity in October. But no one is ready to state that construction industry...

Let’s add quality of life issues to right-to-work debate, argues tinknocker

Date Posted: December 10 2010

Do statewide right-to-work laws lower quality of life for residents? Some numbers unearthed by a tinknocker point to “yes.” Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 member Dennis Marentette, who has a...

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