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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Address jobs now, deficits later

Date Posted: April 16 2010

President Barack Obama is in a difficult position when it comes to deficits. Today’s high deficits will have to go even higher to help address unemployment. At the same time,...

Detour ahead: MDOT’s road repair plan guarantees more potholes

Date Posted: April 16 2010

LANSING – The Michigan Department of Transportation issues rolling five-year plans for road construction in our state. Like nearly everything else related to construction in Michigan, the 2010-2014 MDOT Five-Year...

Inconsistent safety rules plague highway work zones

Date Posted: April 16 2010

Traditionally, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) kicks off the summer construction and repair season in April with a week to alert drivers to the dangers of highway work zones. This...

Labor Department campaigns against wage theft

Date Posted: April 16 2010

In a 180-degreee turn from a Labor Department under the Bush administration that tried to gut overtime rules for millions of workers, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has unveiled a new...


Date Posted: April 16 2010

‘Staggering’ job losses in construction It’s difficult to say what makes the Monroe area stand out like a sore thumb, but the city is tops on the dubious list of...

Obama picks two union supporters for NLRB panel

Date Posted: April 16 2010

President Obama hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the labor movement over his unwillingness to push labor’s top legislative priority, the Employee Free Choice Act. But on March 27, he did...

Something in the water? Washtenaw Co. will now host Iron Workers, too

Date Posted: April 16 2010

ANN ARBOR – Now, the Iron Workers are coming. For more than two decades, Washtenaw Community College has been the facility of choice for the United Association of Plumbers, Pipe...

Bankers hold construction industry hostage

Date Posted: April 2 2010

Not a week goes by where I am not approached by a consortium or an individual corporation that has concrete plans for the construction of some type of major facility...

‘Don’t take the simple things for granted’ Ashley improving, gets to go home

Date Posted: April 2 2010

This has been a horrible year for Ashley Yost, but it’s starting to turn the corner. The Plumbers, Steamfitters and HVACR Service Technicians Local 85 apprentice was critically injured in...

New health care law offers good and bad, but much of the same

Date Posted: April 2 2010

The health care revision is law, though implementation will take quite a while.  We still think that it lacks meaningful cost controls –  except for a commission that could ride...

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