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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Supreme Court opens door for flood of campaign finance cash

Date Posted: February 5 2010

WASHINGTON (PAI) – By a 5-4 margin, an ideologically split U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 21 threw out many restrictions on financing political campaigns – including limits on corporate and...

Employee Free Choice Act: ‘It has to be this year…’

Date Posted: January 22 2010

WASHINGTON – (PAI) In an interview with Press Associates Union News Service, AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel said a vote on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) “it has to...

Labor isn’t going to accept a bad bill” Oh really? A viewpoint by by Press Associates Union News Service

Date Posted: January 22 2010

“We aren’t going to accept a bad bill just to get an agreement,” AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka said on Jan. 11 of the Senate’s health care revision bill. Sorry,...

News Briefs

Date Posted: January 22 2010

Big dip for wages in construction The Great Recession has caught up with construction wages and benefits – and how. Construction industry collective bargaining agreements in 2009 often brought about...

Ugly era for Michigan construction

Date Posted: January 22 2010

The odometer has flipped from 2009 to 2010, but no one associated with the construction industry will forget what may have been the worst year for the building trades in...

Unions cut deal to move universal health plan

Date Posted: January 22 2010

WASHINGTON – A number of union leaders seem to be on the verge of dropping their opposition to the U.S. Senate’s version of health care reform legislation, after lengthy negotiations...

‘We’re glad to be here’ Trades set up Detroit auto show

Date Posted: January 22 2010

DETROIT – Organizers of the annual North American International Auto Show tout the impact of the annual new car fest by pointing out the 650,000 visitors to Cobo Center, global...

Around the corner in 2010, new pro-worker rules

Date Posted: January 8 2010

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Forcing more disclosure on union-busters – and how much money companies spend on them – and ordering companies to resume counting ergonomic injuries, are among the highlights...

Consumers Energy’s proposed coal plant passes major state air permit hurdle

Date Posted: January 8 2010

Consumers Energy’s proposed clean coal power plant near Bay City received a major boost on Dec. 29 with the issuance of a state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) air permit...

Fitter makes a rare bone marrow match, gives hope to cancer victim

Date Posted: January 8 2010

BARK RIVER –  Many know Christmas to be the season of giving, and one of the greatest gifts one can give is the gift of life. This is very possibly...

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