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Date Posted: January 8 2010

House would move road money to Mich. WASHINGTON D.C. – “Jobs for Main Street” was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives on Dec. 17, which would push $847.5 million...

Not much love for health care bill from union leaders

Date Posted: January 8 2010

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Union leaders were lukewarm, at best, to the Senate’s version of health care, which lawmakers passed on Christmas Eve. All unions, led by the AFL-CIO, vowed to...

Part of health care bill removes bidding edge for nonunion

Date Posted: January 8 2010

Organized labor doesn’t like a lot about the dueling health care bills in the House and Senate, but the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), whose contractors hire IBEW electricians, said...

Trades erecting bigger, better Marysville High

Date Posted: January 8 2010

MARYSVILLE – Marysville High School has traditionally been the center of community activities, since the city lacks a conventional downtown area. That focus on the high school won’t change when...

40 years later, plumber honored for valor in Vietnam

Date Posted: December 18 2009

By Doug Allen Battle Creek Shopper News (Reprinted with permission) Robert Dewey Wolford, 62, of Battle Creek recently retired as a plumber and pipefitter with Local 333 after 38 years....

Kissed and coddled, corporations, bankers have rewarded us with the mess that we’re in

Date Posted: December 18 2009

By Mark Ayers President, AFL-CIO Building Trades Department I can’t think of anything more heart-wrenching than the idea of trying to celebrate the holiday season when confronted daily with the...

New building, old style at landmark Wards site

Date Posted: December 18 2009

DEARBORN – From 1937 until it closed February 2001, the Montgomery Wards store at Michigan Ave. and Schaefer anchored the city’s east-side shopping district. During this decade, several proposals to...

Retirement awaits Michigan Building Trades’ Ed Coffey

Date Posted: December 18 2009

Edward M.  Coffey, Jr., a fixture as a business representative at the Greater Detroit Building Trades Council and the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council for the last 15 years,...

Face of the U.S. labor movement is changing, report says

Date Posted: December 4 2009

The typical union member looks a lot different than he did 25 years ago. And increasingly, it’s a good chance that “he” is a “she.” “The view that the typical...

Full course renovation of Brody Hall in the works

Date Posted: December 4 2009

EAST LANSING – A lot of meals move through Michigan State University’s Brody Hall, which at one time was said to provide the largest non-military food service in the nation....

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