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Date Posted: May 8 2009

UFCW re-starts anti-Wal-Mart effort WASHINGTON (PAI) – After a five-year break to take stock and launch a consumer revolt against anti-worker retailer Wal-Mart and its treatment of employees and customers,...

Right now is the right time to pass reforms to labor law

Date Posted: May 8 2009

Labor law reform will pass in 2009. The time is right. The Employee Free Choice Act is the most significant labor law reform in our generation. It is critical to...

Right-to-work states aren't on right track, either

Date Posted: May 8 2009

Economically, Michigan is as sick as they come. So would instituting a union-killing, wage-lowering right-to-work law open the door to new businesses and return the state to fiscal prosperity? Yes,...

Specter's move could bolster EFCA, other labor causes

Date Posted: May 8 2009

The defection of a Republican Pennsylvania senator to the Democratic Party could have profound implications for the labor movement in the U.S. Or not. U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, 79, announced...

Weren't low wages supposed to curb high unemployment? Not in South Carolina

Date Posted: May 8 2009

Since 2003, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has turned the state into a petri dish for what hard-core conservatism – slashed taxes, shrunken government, cut regulations – would look like....

Difficult to light a fire under several big power plant projects

Date Posted: April 24 2009

LANSING – A powerful boost could be coming to Michigan’s construction industry over the next decade. But for the thousands of Hardhats sitting on the bench – who are ready...

Former power plant begins transformation into office space

Date Posted: April 24 2009

LANSING -The ongoing transformation of the Ottawa Street Power Station into the headquarters of the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America in recent months has made the structure a shell...

For trades, misery now moves from unemployment, to pensions, to politics

Date Posted: April 24 2009

LANSING – Good news about employment or financial prospects in the construction industry was nowhere to be found from AFL-CIO Building Trades Department Secretary-Treasurer Sean McGarvey, who spoke April 1...

Kennecott Mine work awaits rebound in nickel market

Date Posted: April 24 2009

LANSING – A mining project is proposed for land located 20 miles north of Marquette, which would create 200-400 construction jobs over a two-year period. But when construction will start...

New leadership, new opportunities for labor

Date Posted: April 24 2009

SILVER SPRING, Md. (PAI) — AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney formally told top leaders of the federation that he will retire at the AFL-CIO Convention in September . Sweeney’s statement,...

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