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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Congress gets closer to pension plan overhaul

Date Posted: August 4 2006

WASHINGTON - Here's a good news/bad news scenario on U.S. pension plans. First the good news: Congress is closing in on a sweeping new plan that would tighten rules for...

'I'm your backstop, Granholm tells trades audience

Date Posted: August 4 2006

LANSING - Gov. Jennifer Granholm collected an endorsement and commitments of campaign cash amounting to $144,500 from Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council (MBCTC) unions. Paying a July 19 visit...

Labor is too quiet as Bush's NLRB mulls anti-union cases

Date Posted: August 4 2006

By Harry Kelber Over the past five years, President Bush's appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have taken away or "severely restricted" the rights of millions of workers to...

News Briefs

Date Posted: August 4 2006

U.S. construction jumps in first half New U.S. construction starts in June dropped 5%, but for the first half of 2006, total construction jumped to $344 billion, or an increase...

State releases first Local Jobs money

Date Posted: August 4 2006

LANSING -Michigan is granting $44 million to help 47 counties and 49 cities obtain more than $279 million in federal transportation funds under the state's Jobs Today program. The money...

State's second ethanol plant fuels bounty of work for trades

Date Posted: August 4 2006

ALBION - Michigan is the home of auto plants, coke ovens, blast furnaces and mining operations, each of which have their own particular catch-phrases and buzz-words. The same holds true...

Supervisor in name only: Union rights of 8 million workers at stake

Date Posted: August 4 2006

By Ross Eisenbrey & Lawrence Mishel Economic Policy Institute The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will soon decide three cases, known collectively as the Kentucky River cases, which could change...

Fort-Shelby ready, too?

Date Posted: July 21 2006

DETROIT - While we're at it, how about renovating the Pick-Fort-Shelby Hotel, too? As witnessed by the Book-Cadillac, financing deals for old and decrepit hotel properties are chancey. But in...

Get a room…Trades ready to renovate historic hotels

Date Posted: July 21 2006

DETROIT - Three years ago this month, a festive press conference was held aside the shell of the Book-Cadillac hotel, proclaiming "The Next Chapter" was about to be turned on...

More supervisors = fewer union members: NLRB weighs rules on classifying workers

Date Posted: July 21 2006

Have you ever shown a co-worker how to perform a task, or been asked to look over someone else's work? If so, your freedom to form a union and bargain...

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